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Hi! I'm Erika and this my webpage. I created this informative website as a task with Writing ESCO, which is an ESL and Web Development course. If you would like to hire me, fill up the contact form found on this website. Below is my Resume, and some examples of online websites and articles or reviews I've made earlier.

Graduated with honors from York Univery
12 years of article marketing experience (specifically intended for Internet based viewers)
7 years of website creation experience.
Competent, team player employee with a taste for particulars.

Work Experience.
Writing ESCO,2010 - Present
Staff Manager
In command of arranging a international crew of internet writers to suit a specialized set of advanced objectives and goals.
- Set new records for production, increasing production by 18% all over the globe
- Accurately operated regular logs of project distribution
- Managed QA for global creation over a large crew of content writers

Self-employed Web Developer

Additional Skills
Fluent in Bengali
Superior competence using a various choice of office software

Some of my work can be found here:

Ajax Ontario Canada Condominiums - Find Condos For Sale And Rent

The growing economy continues to expand more and more each year, creating plenty of jobs for the growing population. Although the population is blooming, the crime in Ajax continues to be as low as ever, making it a very safe city,... Continue reading..

Ajax Homes For Sale

Ajax has been called a bedroom community to Toronto because of how common it is for people living in Ajax to commute. Most of the Ajax consists of single family residences and its downtown is constantly being developed and revitalized. The town of Ajax is becoming increasingly more diverse as well as many young ethnic professionals are moving into the town and working in... Click here to read more..

Beaver Creek Yukon Canada Homes - Search For Homes Online

Afterward, mining interest developed in the area and in the 1940’s and the Alaska Highway was constructed. In the mid-1950’s,... More on this page..

Belleville Ontario

Some of these restaurants offer fine dining while others are put up for regular dining. When you are in this marvellous city, you’ll never run out of things to do. After a tiring walk along their busy streets you can have the chance to enjoy a long and relaxing massage in one of their spas or get yourself a pedicure or better yet a foot massage to give them a break from... To read more click here...

Houses For Sale

On the other hand, a home is an emotional investment you make. You need to know for yourself what you really... More on this site..

Brooks Real Estate

Brooks Real Estate Located in the county of Newell, Brooks Alberta Canada is a growing city east of Calgary, it's growing with people re-locating to it all the time. Brooks Alberta was officially established in about 1910 with that area originally being buffalo hunting ground for the tribes of Blackfoote and Crowe. In the 1970's and... Find out more...

Guide To Buying A House In Canada - Expert Real Estate Advice And Tips

They are able to spot bargains and advise you on whether a house is a good purchase or not.    Disadvantages to Hiring a Real Estate Agent to Help You Move House Not everyone chooses to use a real estate agent, and those that don’t should proceed with caution and be sure they understand the complexities... Read more..

Cobourg Real Estate

Situated on Lake Ontario in Canada, the town of Cobourg offers the charm of country living and the sense of enjoyment living on the waterfront. The living is easy in Cobourg, yet for anyone choosing to call this place their home, Cobourg offers a city lifestyle as well with plenty of dining, shopping and entertainment. Only an hour\'s commute from Toronto, many people living in Cobourg make... More on this site..

Condos For Sale In NJ

Condominium residents will surely never miss out on some of the most enjoyable and exciting attractions and activities like visiting popular tourist spots, enjoying at martini bars, coffee houses and espresso bars. Condos for sale in this state are generally considered as hot properties by seasoned big investors. One of the reasons why it is an excellent idea to buy a condominium property in NJ... Click here to continue..

Ecuador Real Estate

It is also known for being rich in history and tourist destinations. Peru and Colombia border this vibrant city on the... More on this page..

House Listing

 This means they will provide services to mortgage your future house.  Taking this crucial step in consideration before finding a house will allow for your house buying process to be a lot easier.  It will also look better on you to potential sellers and agents, as you are reflecting yourself as a responsible and organized individual.  That’s something everyone wishes to do business with. With the... Continue reading..

Toronto Homes

Toronto is known as the most populated cities in Canada and is the provincial capital of Ontario, Canada. Located in Southern Ontario on the northwestern shore of... To read more click here...

Toronto Homes For Sale

Toronto Homes for Sale Toronto is a wonderful metropolitan city that offers not only superior cultural and recreational facilities but also offers a delightful network of beautiful parks as well as being the business hub of all of Canada. Toronto is great location for any sports lover as Toronto is home to no less than four professional teams and proudly boasts the world's third largest English-speaking theatre. Toronto is also a... Source..


Remember that soil is the main source of nutrients of any plants that will be placed in that piece of land that you are designing. By doing so, you will be able to assess if the soil needs to be fertilized or not. You also need to consider some factors that might affect... Click here to continue..

Toronto Condos

In the situation of a condo though the homeowners’ association will typically be responsible for maintaining all common areas and exterior of buildings as they are not... To read more click here...

Homes For Sale

So whether you do have a good credit history or not, these institutions will be happy to guide you along the right path. Specialists at these institutions generally speak multiple languages, so no matter where you’re from you won’t feel left out as they will be the primary person... To read more click here...

House Selling Tips - Guide For Homeowners

House Selling Tips Website - House Selling Tips Anyone who has sold a home knows what a daunting process it can be. Whether you can't wait to get into a place that better suits your... To read more click here...

How To Sell Your Home - Homeowner's Guide To Success

  Selling a home is a very stressful work. You will be dealing with a lot of people and they all have something to say when you talk to them. So, if you are one of the people that considers to sell their home, here is some tips that will guide you on the right path.   Hire a Good Real Estate Agent Employ a real estate agent that has an experience selling a home in your area and... Source..

Johnston Real Estate

These things offer any new resident the experience that feels like a small town. � Johnston County North Carolina offers a wonderful recycling program to its residents. There are even tax incentives offered to those who go green. Historical... Find out more...

Mortgage Rates

It is important for you to make some research on the interest rates in your place. These rates can be found in the Real Estate section... More on this page..

Langdon Real Estate

Growth in this hamlet was slow until the late 1900s when major residential developments encouraged expansion. This expansion was mostly due to its proximity to Calgary. While being in close proximity to Calgary assisted Langdon in residential development it hindered any entertainment or growth in amenities. While living in Langdon was desirable, people... Continue reading..

Lindsay Houses

They are also very supportive of their local band “The Physcadelics” who perform regularly within the area. Starting out as a dam built on the Scugog... Source of information..

Real Estate Listings

The reason there are less fees is because the owner is unrepresented. If the owner is able to avoid using a real estate broker as a whole and is able to find... Source of information..

Condos For Sale

The appearances on the inside are often found to be the same. With all that said there is no way to tell from the outside or inside of the property if it is a condominium versus an apartment. The real difference between the both is that with a condominium, the resident... Source..

Listing Homes - How To List Your Home For Sale

Selling a home can be a very difficult process – much harder than most people first realize. The first step to selling your home... To read more click here...

Luxury Condominiums - Guide To Buying, Renting And Living In Luxurious Condos

 Currently in some parts of the world, one out of every three new homes built is a condominium.  The interest in luxury condominiums tends to be growing with the shortage of rental accommodation that we’re... Read more..

Manotick Real Estate

This move has helped to keep the crime rate low and insure that the area stays clean and beautiful for all of the residents to enjoy. For anyone who has been looking for a place that is accessible to the city, yet out of the way and small enough to live a full suburban dream, Maotick is... More on this site..

Midland Real Estate

The city also boasts a wildlife Center known as Wye Marsh which is home to such animals as Trumpeter Swans, Black Terns and Least Bitterns. The distinguishing and unique feature is the Trumpeter Swans which people believe was erected by the harbor. In this beautiful and busy city, there are various recreational activities that are usually carried out. The famous Hockey club of Georgian Mid-Ontario is based in this city. Other games which are very popular include boating as... Continue reading..

Vancouver Real Estate

 It’s bounded by the Capilano River to the west, Indian Arm to the east, the North Shore Mountains to the north and the Burrard Inlet to the south.  The District is home to over 82,000 residents which consist mainly of single-family residential housing.  The District has more than double the population of the City but with a much lower population density.  It’s local community hubs include commercial areas such as Lynn Valley and Edgemont Village.... Click here to continue..

Old Barns

When renovating or refurbishing old barns, the very first thing that should be checked is the state of the wood. Barns are 90 percent made of natural wood. If the wood is still strong and sturdy, you will not have a problem in refurbishing it. But if the wood is already weak, the renovation expenses might be expensive since the wood should be replaced to still have a sound and strong structure. Most barns are... More on this page..

Orangeville Real Estate

In case they fail to they face immediate permit revocation. Orangeville Ontario Canada has cultural venues and attractions. They range from art galleries to theatre companies. There are two types of galleries which are commercial and public galleries. An example of a commercial gallery is the Farmhouse Pottery. It is studio which showcases the work of Allan... Continue reading..

Penticton Real Estate

Penticton is a modern Canadian city, located in the Okanagan Valley of the Southern Interior of British Columbia, with a population of 42,000 which rises to 60,000 in the peak summer vacation months. Also known as, “The 'Peach City', Penticton is fortunate... Continue reading..

Peterborough Ontario Canada Houses - Find Homes For Sale

This is a place that is rich in cultural activities and attractions including The Art Galley of Peterborough and The River view Park and Zoo. There are many exciting restaurants and bars to... Read more..

Port Perry Homes

It is like being in a small quaint little town in London. The people are so friendly and if you want to get away from the rat race then this is the place to be. Port Perry has a small population of about 9500 inhabitants and... Read more..

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are persons who help people buy and sell houses and other properties such as business buildings and industrial buildings.This kind of job requires him to know the selling price of the house that is up for sale.He must be very well versed with the laws concerning the buying and selling a house. The agent should be knowledgeable on housing loans that will assist a person who needs money to buy a house.In return for... Source of information..

Realty Of Maine

When it comes to real property, people especially those who are interested in owning a piece of land must understand the basic concepts and philosophies of the business. In Maine, there are many properties that are listed that are ready to be sold to buyers. For the people who are looking into purchasing, Maine has a very interesting landscape and there are plenty of attractions that can be visited. Interested parties can... To read more click here...

Sale By Owner

If you use the internet for anything more than social networking sites and videos then you probably aware of all the things out there that are for... Click here to read more..

Scarborough Homes For Sale

The origin of Scarborough was a collection of little villages and overtime these villages became one diverse town. Scarborough is a popular destination for immigrants thus Scarborough is a very cultured area. Scarborough was amalgamated with several other areas in 1998. These... Source of information..

Scarborough Real Estate

This has created a type of melting pot within the area. Being diverse has created a great deal of attractions for new comers to the area.    The Toronto... Source..

Stoney Creek, Ontario

It is due to the merging of Stoney Creek altogether with Hamilton, Ancaster, Flamborough, Glanbrook and Dundas formally by the Provincial Government into the new city of Hamilton. This occurrence led to the conversion of the new... Find out more...

First Time Home Buyer

There is a proper technique on how you can find out how much you should pay for a home as reasonable as possible. If you find this task a bit challenging, you can have yourself assisted by real estate professionals and give you essential pieces of advice on buying home ownerships. Therefore, it is of vital importance for you to keep on searching and... Read more..

Thornhill Houses

The Community has experienced growth due to its location on Yonge street which is a major transportation route. It is governed by Queen Elizabeth II, who is also the head of state of Canada. It has higher winter... Read more..

Toronto Homes

Toronto Homes The Canadian city of Toronto and it's surrounding areas, known to locals as The GTO, is a vibrant and diverse city to live in. There's the laid back neighborhood of The Beaches right on Lake Ontario where cafes and bars have outdoor seating,... More on this page..

Toronto Homes

Toronto Homes Toronto, Canada, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is located in the southern part of the country less than 200 miles from the U.S. border. With... Find out more...

New Homes In Vaughan

Townships started appearing in 1792. It was known to be very remote and lacking in proper networked roads for travel. The first immigrants were Germans, British and French. Migration. Migration from the United States took place in 1814 along with other waves from Britain. Hamlets... Read more..

Whitby Ontario Houses - Real Estate In Hybrid City Of Urban And Rural Character

Whitby is definitely a growing town with it\'s population doubling from 60,000 in 1991 to over 120,000 in 2008. Many are attracted to Whitby\'s economy, accessible harbour and waterfront. It is somewhat of a small town but offers a vast amount of amenities. Being able to enjoy work and play is quite possible here. The labour force in Whitby is very diverse industrially. Citizens have the option of many skilled trades such as steel manufacturing, automotive... Read more..

Woodbridge Real Estate

The temperature ranges from hot and humid summers to cold and snowy winters. The main attraction is located on Woodbridge Avenue, which is a tourism spot, where you will find many historical houses, including the Nathaniel Wallace House and the famous Humber River. This is a great place to live and raise a family. Once you come, you won't want to leave because Woodbridge has something for everyone.   There is a lot to do... Read more..

Woodstock Real Estate

Woodstock, Ontario, Canada has a lot to offer including tree lined streets, abundant parkland, century old homes and of course friendly citizens. Woodstock's history is maintained not only for their museum and county... Click here to read more..

Apartment For Rent

Apartment complexes are multi-story buildings that consist of three or more residences which are enclosed within one structure. More urban areas will show these complexes close to their downtown region. This will allow for its residents to have the benefits of jobs, public transportation, entertainment, dining and more within footsteps of their apartment complex building. Pricing... Continue reading..

Apartments For Rent In Fort Lauderdale

Like all rental homes, these kinds of apartment rentals have garages intended for parking vehicles, walk-in cabinets for storage space as well as full-sized washing machine and dryers intended for accomplishing the laundry. These types of apartments furthermore have a several leisurely amenities that occupants may make use of such as its outdoor heated spa, racquetball court, lakeside sand beach volleyball court, illuminated full-sized basketball and... Read more..